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Retail Jobs

The retail industry in South Africa has grown over the past few years, supported by an increase in both the supply of retail space and the number of shopping centers in South Africa. The Retail industry grew by an annual average of 3 percent in the past eight years. South Africa has seen a boom in shopping center development and townships have also benefited from this. Retail jobs are incredibly popular right now, and after all, you don’t always need qualifications to get a foot in the door and there are also great opportunities for growth, training and development. There are alot of various retail job opportunities within the industry, from cashier jobs, junior customer service jobs right up to store and area manager jobs. Depending on your interests, personality, qualifications, experience and skills there is a huge selection of retail jobs to choose from.

Lets take a look at some of the retail industry jobs available in South Africa.

Customer service / Sales Assistants / Cashier clerk

Customer service assistants are hired by a variety of retail stores from fashion, technology, home appliances and accessories to supermarkets and even wholesalers and it’s up to the customer service / sales assistant to you to make sure the customer has a great experience and leaves with a good impression of the store you work for, so as to ensure return business and also referals therefore increasing sales. As these are normally entry-level jobs, you would not need alot of experience or qualifications, and most companies provide on the job training for the right candidate.

Your daily routine will vary depending on where you work and you could do anything from arranging shop displays to taking part in customer promotions and events, dealing with customers, finalising sales and handling cash transactions.

If you’re after set hours in an office environment, Monday to Friday, then a customer service assistant job may not be for you as most businesses are open and are more busy over weekends, public holidays and even evenings. The plus side to that is there are often part-time and flexible  job options available and so therefore you can fit it easily into whatever else you have going on in your life.
Personality is what really counts in this job and businesses are looking for calm, well presented, friendly people who show common sense. However, a good basic education will give you an advantage when applying for jobs. If you really want your CV to stand out from the rest you may want to consider doing a tertiary qualification in Customer Service or similar.

Their is always room for growth in the Retail Industry and customer service assistants can go on to become a supervisor or manager and the skills you learn in this job can be used to get jobs in other industries.

Assistant Retail Managers

As a retail assistant manager, you would start by assisting a manager or area manager in running a store  and you could soon end up running your own store or even an entire area, covering a group of retail outlets.

Whether you want to work in a large national retail store environment or a small to medium sized privately owned store, your role as the assistant manager will always be the same. Your responsibilities woule be to provide the manager with support in the day to day running of the store, to cover for them when they aren’t there, to assist with meeting the store’s monthly targets and handle budgets, recruitment selection and training staff,  deal with any enquiries and complaints and monitor customer service, and to manage and support other staff.

As with most retail jobs, this is not a 9-5 job so if you dream of set hours then this may not be for you, however, shift work more flexible and with more responsibility comes a higher pay grade and also options of commission and perhaps even share options and so on.
This job has alot of variety and plenty of responsibility. If you have a good team behind you then it can also be a lot of fun working together.

Retail Manager

Being a retail store manager you will be part of a busy, dynamic environment that changes everyday. Your list of duties will be varied, ranging from ensuring high levels of customer service to reviewing security issues, reaching sales targets and increasing profits, dealing with customer service issues and complaints, interviewing and recruiting new staff members, mentoring managing and motivating staff, being responisble for stock control and receiving orders. Although in this role experience and personality counts most but to a tertiary qualification in management or similar will give you the competitive edge. You will also need alot of stamina, plenty of motivation, excellent customer service and people skills and strong communications skills.


As a Merchandiser  you are the person responsible for the stores stock and how the stock is displayed. As a merchandiser you will be working on the shop floor and report to the floor manager. The responsibilities and duties of being a Merchandiser is to maintains stock by restocking shelves with products from inventory, observing inventory levels, observing expired or sell by dates of shelved products, prompting store management to reorder when levels appear low, arranging products for return and credit for damaged products.

Salaries vary depending on the size of the company you work for but those new to the world of Retail may find these positions as a foot in the door and there is room for growth for people who show initiative, hard work and a passion for retail. These positions are also flexible and you may have the option of working weekend or evening shifts, allowing you to be flexible enough to make room for other activities in your off time, such as studies or a second job perhaps ?
Have a look at our current job vacancies on http://freerecruit.co.za/job-vacancies/ for any Retail Jobs that may be available right now ! If this article was useful and you have friends or family that may find this information useful, then please share it with them. Good luck and we wish you all the best in your venture into the world of retail !

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