Corporate Travel Consultant

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Job no: 504000
Brand: Corporate Traveller
Work type: Full time
Location: Cape Town Southern suburbs
Categories: Corporate

Client Relations

Ensure enquiries are actioned within 3 hours. Provide literature and relevant information to clients. Listen to clients needs; give options taking into account directness of routing, cost and airline preference. Keep client confidentiality within Corporate Traveller. Meet and exceed client expectations. Resolve client issues in a satisfactory manner to all parties concerned.


 Work efficiently to achieve yearly sales figures.

 Effective time management.

 Work well as a team to achieve company goals.

 Meet office targets, budget and monthly KPIs (performance indicators).

Performance Requirements

 An understanding of basic mathematics with good writing skills including an ability to write business letters, reports and memos.

 Good oral skills with the ability to confidently handle one-on-one and small group situations.

 A capacity to evaluate facts and information and make decisions, including analysing associated problems, based on those facts.

 Undertake work planning and scheduling.

 3 years Travel Industry experience

 A capacity to be successful in sales. Key Motivational Requirements

 Ability to perform and follow through tasks without direct supervision or being directed, including searching for relevant information and logically overcoming unforeseen obstacles.

 Ability to maintain set high quality standard at all times even if under trying circumstances.

 Efficiently balance the need to meet deadlines and work speedily under time pressures while maintaining high standards.

 Persist on a task until satisfactory outcome is achieved

 Be motivated to achieve customer satisfaction and handle occasional difficult situations involving customers.

 Manage daily paperwork and administration.

 Adjust to changes in schedule and frequent interruptions while working at a fast pace and under very tight deadlines.

 Be a team player.


 Amadeus (preferable but not essential)

 Protas (preferable but not essential)

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